Official: All BTS Members Extend Big Hit Music Contracts

Important Decision: BTS Signs to Big Hit Music

BTS extended their exclusive contracts with Big Hit Music in a historic announcement. HYBE, the entertainment behemoth that propelled BTS to worldwide success, confirmed this crucial decision. The historic decision shows the group’s undying commitment to its ARMY followers and a continuous cooperation.

Unified BTS Future Commitment

The official HYBE statement said, “The board of directors has finalized their decision to renew the exclusive contracts of all seven members of Big Hit Music’s artist BTS.” This announcement marks a milestone in the group’s history and shows their commitment to pushing their craft inside Big Hit Music.

The music industry pioneer BTS has had exceptional success since their June 2013 debut. They are a worldwide cultural phenomenon due to their rapid ascent and impact. They’ve broken records, set trends, and gained a worldwide following, yet their dedication to their work and fans remains unwavering.

RM’s Heartfelt Message: Army Bond

BTS beloved leader RM personally delivered the joyful news with ARMY through social media. RM sent a sincere message with a preview of his extended contract. He thanked ARMY for their constant support and love in his statement. The group’s deep relationship with its fans was shown by the touching moment.

An Historical Continuity

BTS has extended their Big Hit Music contract before. In October 2018, before their original contracts expired, all seven members agreed to continue working with the organization that had launched their careers. This second contract renewal solidifies their loyalty to Big Hit Music.

This prolongation is significant as BTS prepares for its required military duty in 2025. By keeping the group’s togetherness intact while members serve, they may continue to produce songs and unforgettable memories.

Prospects Are Bright

BTS, its fans, and the music business are deeply affected by their Big Hit Music contract extension. BTS’s future holds more amazing songs, spectacular performances, and unforgettable events.

They have redefined music excellence by pushing originality and artistry. They have a worldwide following due to their unrelenting devotion, profound words, and unmatched skill. Fans worldwide anticipate BTS’s next adventure.

They have a permanent place in music history, and their narrative continues. The world anxiously awaits BTS’s further impact on music.

To Conclude

The decision by all BTS members to extend their contracts with Big Hit Music is a milestone that shows their dedication to their work, fans, and cooperation. It emphasizes the enduring relationship between this renowned band and the firm that helped them grow.

BTS continues to inspire and demonstrate commitment, talent, and the power of music. ARMY and the globe anxiously await BTS’s new chapter.


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